Longevity Plus: Understanding Evolving Lifespans in a Rapidly Changing World

We are in an exciting era where global investors are making big bets on the scientific exploration of how to advance human longevity.

We know that what emerges will not operate in isolation but intersect with the most pressing health and economic issues of our time.

In 2023, AARP and Social Innovation Summit partnered to bring you Longevity Plus, a series of conversations with renowned experts and industry leaders aimed at helping you understand how longevity is changing and what it means for the most important questions facing businesses and organizations both now and in the future.

Together we explored how to tap into the opportunity of longer life and support those who may be missing out.


EVENT #1 | APRIL 27, 2023

Longevity, Interrupted: Life Expectancy in Flux

Over the past one hundred years, life expectancy around the world has been on a steady trend upward. Innovation centers are promising new scientific approaches to continue this progress, however the past decade has brought an unfortunate decline in life expectancy in the United States. How can we celebrate the long-term advances that brought us to this moment while also exploring the current state of affairs and acknowledging a growth in disparities? On April 27, 2023, AARP and the Social Innovation Summit hosted “Longevity, Interrupted: Life Expectancy in Flux,” where thought leaders and experts discussed what’s up with life expectancy going down.

EVENT #2 | JULY 18, 2023 

Longevity, Extended: Where Will Advances in Life-Extending Measures Take Us?

Recent advances across health, science, and technology have set out to create unprecedented gains in lifespans and healthspans. As the investment, innovation, and R&D landscape for longevity-tech continues to grow, big questions are emerging around accessibility and scalability, downstream economic, social, and political implications, and the equity and fairness of it all. Join us for the second event in the AARP and Social Innovation Summit virtual series, Longevity Plus, as we explore the cutting-edge frontiers of longevity and healthy aging and dissect the directions and disparities surrounding these life-extending measures.

EVENT #3 | SEPTEMBER 12, 2023 

Longevity, Resilience, and Extreme Weather Events

The third session of the “Longevity Plus” series will examine the intersection of longevity, equity, and impacts of extreme weather. From physical and emotional to financial and economic, we will dissect the impacts extreme weather and our changing environment have on longevity and the lives of older adults. In conversation with a multi-disciplinary group of experts, we’ll explore weather-resilient opportunities to support the health and wealth of all people as we age.

EVENT #4 | DECEMBER 7, 2023

Empowered Futures: Longevity and Disability

The final session of the “Longevity Plus” Series will explore the complex intersections of longevity and disability. One in four adults in the U.S. identify as having a disability, and as we age we are more likely to experience disability at different points in our lives. In the final session of our series, we will learn from a dynamic group of leaders and self-advocates about how we can leverage innovation to build better tools, systems and practices to ensure that disability is not a barrier to longer, healthier life.